First of May (#65 of 365)

May First 2009 we arrived at Petroglyphs National Monument near Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We took many shots but here I have given a sampling of what we saw on May FirstFirst of May-6

First of May-2 First of May-5 First of May-4 First of May-3

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Unforgettable #97 of 365

Glacier Going to the Sun Road-1It was an Unforgettable trip we took across country in 2009 and getting the opportunity to now go back an process some of these images with new software is pretty cool.  Since we haven’t been getting out in this cold, white, wet New England Winter we’ve been relying on the archives to get us thru.  This was taken on the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, it was truly Unforgettable.

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Let The River Run (#48 of 365)

This was taken up in MAINE along the West Branch of the Penobscot River.

Let the River Run-1

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After All These Years (#9 of 365)

After all these years refers to our trip all these years ago but also to the fact that the Eruption of Mount St. Helens was back in 1980.   It seems like yesterday to me.  My brother lived on the west coast just outside of Seattle, Washington when Mount St. Helens erupted so it is still vivid in my mind.  Ed and I were talking this morning and realized we were stopped at a rest area on our way to the visitors center when we met a man who had a tripod set-up and when we were talking to him, he said he was doing some “bracketing” so that he could make HDR images.  Ed and I had no idea what this man was talking about back then.  We have learned so much since 2009!  The post processing was done in Lightroom with only minor exposure adjustment using the graduated filter on the sky.

Mount St. Helens is one place I will never forget.  It was bone chilling seeing all of the destruction.  We were there 29 years after the eruption and you can see that there is some growth coming back but it is still very much in the process of rebuilding.  If you ever have the chance to go we both highly recommend it.After All These Years-1


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Ring of Fire (#125 of 365)

Ed as you will see has been really creative lately.   Not only in his light paintings but in creating these 3 beautiful peace pipes.  We loved our time that we spent in the West in 2009 and saw many peace pipes.  Ed decided that he would like to try his hand at this craft.   As you can see the woods are Birds Eye Maple and Tiger Maple.  The heads of the pipes are (top) Bear, (middle) Tommy Hawk with a Heart, and (bottom) Eagle.  The song comes from the fact that you need to have a Ring of Fire around which to smoke these peace pipes.Ring of Fire-1

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Bang Bang (#280 of 365)

This image was created by Ed using light painting techniques.

Bang Bang-2

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I Am A Rock (#187 of 365 list)

I am currently in the midst of a cold and not feeling my best.  Instead of going out in this snow to look for images I decided to go into the archives and pulled this one from our trip across country in 2009.  This was taken at Mt. Rushmore.  I have reprocessed in onOne and gave it a new sky.  The original sky was gray and not very interesting.  I added a speck of tonal contrast to the rock face but that’s about it.

I am a rock-1

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Colours (#96 on 365 list)

This is one that some of you have probably seen before, but I feel it just fits with this title.  This whole wall is bottles of seed beads that the Native Americans would use to decorate their clothing, head dresses and footwear.  It is definitely a place to see!

This was taken at the Crazy Horse Monument in Crazy Horse, South Dakota.   I have supplied a link here so that you can see more about the monument.


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Winter Has Me In It’s Grip (#361 of 366)

In early January, when Ed and I were at the Cape, we took a walk out Navigation Road to look out at Sandy Neck.  We found this Striped Bass that had come in with the tides and gotten caught up in the marsh grass and died.  There is a cycle in life and what had died in the marsh was now food for others.Winter Has Me In Its Grip-1

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Don’t Fence Me In (not on list)

Don't Fence Me In-2

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